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  • Hardware and electric device stamping parts press machines

    World machinery can supply different type press machines for hardware parts and electric parts stamping. World also supply hydraulic shearing machines and hydraulic bending machines. The manufacturers can buy all the metal forming machines from here as one stop purchase. Read More

  • Press machines for Car body parts stamping

    World machinery can supply full stamping press line for car body parts stamping and blanking. Mechanical press and hydraulic press. Read More

  • press line for automobile stamping parts

    World machinery provide JH21 series C frame single crank presses with the tonnage ranges from 25ton to 400ton. The table sizes are customizable. Six-face rectangular type ram guides provide high precison. PLC control and HMI provides easy operation and maintenance. Read More

  • Press Machines for Household appliance stamping parts

    World brand press machines are widely used for household appliances parts production. There are a lot of thin sheet stamping parts for household appliances. Such as the doors for refrigerators, drums for washing machines, cases for air conditioners. Read More

  • power press machines for kitchen equipment production

    Most parts of the kitchen equiment need a high quality press machine for punching, blanking and forming. No matter the fashion design, or the convinient function, both need a good press machine to help to make it become a fact. Read More

  • World brand Press Machine applications for air conditioner

    Which of 26°C and 28°C is more power efficient?Does the air conditioner in summer save electricity at 26℃ or 28℃? Before clarifying this problem, we must first figure out how the air conditioner is cooled?Air conditioning and refrigeration use the principles of liquid vaporization to absorb heat and Read More


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