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power press machine manufacturer- WORLD MACHINERY
power press machine manufacturer- WORLD MACHINERY


Yingxin World Machinery was established in Shanghai in 2009 authorized by World Group to act as an exporting center for all World brand machines including the power press machines, hydraulic shearing machines, hydraulic press brakes and automatic accessories.

World Precise Machinery (China) is the biggest branch factory of World Group which is focusing on producing and technology researching of power press machines. The original factory was built in 1953 to produce small eccentric punching machines for new China industry. World Group bought this factory in 1998 and expanded the production capacity and the product ranges.

factory was built
more than 300 press models
two major manufacturing bases

More than 65 years experiences focusing on producing power

World has been committed to the development and production of power press machines since it was established in 1953. More than 100 experienced engineers are working in the three R&D centers, one in Shanghai, one in factory and another one in...

80% parts are produced in same factory for better quality control and future service

World has completed high-quality production equipment, including the iron casting line, plasma laser cutting machines, welding robots, gear hobbing machines, gear grinding machines, Pama boring and milling centers, CNC lathes, anneal..

Fast delivery standard machines stock for sale

Standard C frame single crank press and eccentric press are always some units stocking for sale. 2 weeks to 30 days lead time for customized order. Big press line such as car body parts stamping line could be ready for shipment within 4 months...

One-stop solution of automatic press line and metal forming process

World can supply power press machines from 6.3 tons small size to 2500 tons big size. C frame or H frame, crank press, eccentric gear press or link press, single point, 2 points or 4 points press, are all available. Customized press order is also...



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  • Q What is the warranty?

    A We can provide one-year warranty for the press, 2 years warranty for the crankshaft, 3 years warranty for the wet clutch.
  • Q Where can we get the spare parts?

    A All the electric parts are international famous brand and customer can buy the electric parts at local market. World produce most of the press parts in our own factory and we can provide all parts from here. Urgent parts could be shipped by courier service.

  • Q Is installation and training service available?

    A Yes we can provide installation and training service. And we will provide English version operation and maintenance manual with the press. Customer can also send their operators to our factory for training.

  • Q Is factory tour available?

    A Yes, welcome to visit our factory. Please contact us for the visiting.

  • Q Is there any customer reference available?

    A Yes, please contact our sales team.


    0086 21 62828320

    0086 13817120700

           0086 13817590728





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