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Crank Press

Crank press is the most popular stamping and punching power press for industrial area. There are different types, like c frame, h frame, c type, double crank press. Electric motor transfers power to flywheel with belts, flywheel transfer power to second stage gear or directly to the crankshaft. The ram moves along the guides on press body according to the crankshaft rotating. This transmission is simple and stable. Pneumatic type crank press has pneumatic clutch and brake system in the transmission system for more safety. Mechanical type crank press uses conventional rolling key type clutch and mechanisms. Double crank type press has two shafts which enable bigger working area for big sheet parts stamping or progressive die stamping.

Crankshaft material is forged 42CrMo. After machining by CNC lathe, the crankshaft will be rolling treatment to improve the hardness and surface finish. This process improves the resistance of crankshaft, because crankshaft is always rotating inside of the bronze bush. High quality crankshaft ensures the crank press machine service life and precision.


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