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Power press machine is widely used for stamping parts industries. Most sheet metal parts need power press working with stamping dies. Press can provide functions as punching, bending, cutting, trimming, blanking and forming. crank type power press is most suitable for thin or middle thickness sheet blanking and stamping with fast speed. Eccentric gear press has longer stroke length, which is widely used for auto parts stamping and hot forging process. Hydraulic press is better for sheet metal deep drawing, such as motor house, pots, cups and tin cans production.Double crank power press, two points eccentric press and four points press have big size bolsters, which are suitable for big sheet parts stamping or progressive die stamping.

 Main Power Press Machine Show

  we are professional power press manufacture, our main products including:mechanical power press, hydraulic press machine, gap frame power press, h frame power press, c type power press, etc.
Most popular c type press machine for sheet metal parts stamping, punching, cutting, bending, trimming and blanking process. Press tonnages are from 25ton to 400ton. JH21 c frame press is standard equip with PLC, touch screen HMI, wet type pneumatic clutch and brake, safety solenoid valve, hydraulic overload pump, automatic grease lubricant pump and slide balance cylinders. Safety light barriers, frequency inverter for adjustable stroke speeds, piston type die cushion, die quick change clamps, tonnage monitor, safety die block are all optional. This single crank press can work with coil sheet roller feeder to act as an automatic press. Several automatic presses with transfer system such as manipulators can work as full automatic press line.
Mono block type JW36 series straight side two points power presses have capacity range from 110ton to 630ton. The press big size working table is suitable for progressive die and multi-station die. This crank type press is widely used for house hold appliance parts stamping, tin can making and kitchen sinks production. severtal units two points automatic power presses can work with coil feeder and transfer bars for full automatic stamping line.
JW31 straight side single crank power press machines have tonnage range from 160ton to 630ton. Straight press is more suitable for metal cutting and blanking process, such as hinge plate cutting. 8 faces slide guides ensure higher precision. H frame body has more strength and rigidness. This press machine is also suitable for aluminum parts cold forging, such as house for electric condensor.
Gap frame double crank automatic press is suitable for big sheet parts stamping and progressive die stamping. JH25 series gap presses have capacity range from 110ton to 315ton. Six faces rectangular type slide guides, big torque wet type pneumatic clutch. C frame steel plate welded body, two crankshafts reverse rotated to eliminate each lateral force. Transmission gears are oil bath in the gear house. Automatic accessories such as decoiler, straightener, roller feeder and manipulators are optional.
Roll type NC control coil sheet feeding machine with Yaskawa servo motor, suitable for automatic feeding coil sheet thickness less than 4.5mm. Release type can be mechanical or pneumatic, depending on the press type. Feeding speed 20m/min maximum and feeding length can be programed through the HMI screen. Feeding accuracy is 0.03mm.
Compact straightener feeder with decoiler, suitable for coil sheet uncoiling, straightening and feeding to stamping press line automatically according to press cycles. PLC control with LCD HMI. Hydraulic mandrel expansion, hydraulic coil loading trolley, motorized feeding height adjustment. Oil sprayer lubrication system and hydraulic scrap cutter are optional.
Hydraulic guillotine type shearing machine for sheet metal plate cutting. Standard equip with Estun E21 NC system, motorized back gauge and front support arm. Cutting thickness up to 20mm and cutting width up to 6000mm. Strong steel welded structure with high quality hydraulic system.
Hydraulic sheet metal bending machine, suitable for metal plate bending.

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How does power press machine work?         

Press machine must work with mold. Normally mold has two parts: upper punch fixed on the press ram, and lower die fixed on press bolster. Motor drives the flywheel and transfer movement to big gear and crankshaft. Crankshaft connects the ram by a rod. Press ram moves along the guides fixed on the press body. Power press provides the power to the mold and ensures the vertical and horizontal precisions. One power press machine can work separately by manual operation or automatic running. Several units power presses can work together with transfer systems to act as a fully automatic press line.

Do You Know How To Operate The Power Press machine Correctly?                        

Start the main motor, the indicate light on the panel shall be light on. Select the working modes by the switch: inches, singles and continuous. Adjust the air pressure to 0.5Mpa. Turn the switch of light security barriers.
Inches mode: turn the switch to non-continuous. Press the two-hand buttons and the press will run. Press one times, press move inches. Keep pressing the buttons, press will finish a full stroke.
Single mode: ensure the ram stop at top dead center (crankshaft clock or light clock at 12 oclock). Operator can use the two-hand-button or foot pedal to operate the press. There is a switch on the panel to select foot or hand control.
Continuous: Turn the switch to continuous first. Keep pressing the two-hand-button until the crankshaft clock light passes through 135 degree (2-3 seconds). Press starts automatic continuous running. Press the emergency stop button or continuous stop button, press stops running.
Slide adjustment: inches moving the ram to 360 or 180 degrees (connection rod is vertical). Turn the slide adjust switch to up or down. Press the slide adjust button, the ball screw works, and ram lifts up or goes down step by step.
The above method can also be used in c type power press, link drive power press, industrial power pres, etc.


Press daily maintenance is very important for press service life and security running. Operator shall inspect the press before starting the press and after turning off the press.
Before starting:
-inspect the oil gauge oil levels to ensure the lubricant points full oil supply.
-inspect the grease cup with enough grease
-inspect the air pressure no less than 0.5Mpa
-inspect the solenoid valve on the clutch working properly
-start the main motor and inspect the motor running clockwise direction
-inspect the emergency button and working modes switches properly working
After turning off the press:
-disconnect the power supply
-disconnect the air supply
-ensure the air no water inside
-clean the press
-put rust-resistant oil to press surfaces
-lock the electric cabinet and take care all operation keys


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  • Q What is the warranty?

    We can provide one-year warranty for the press, 2 years warranty for the crankshaft, 3 years warranty for the wet clutch.
  • Q Where can we get the spare parts?

    All the electric parts are international famous brand and customer can buy the electric parts at local market. World produce most of the press parts in our own factory and we can provide all parts from here. Urgent parts could be shipped by courier service.

  • Q Is installation and training service available?

    Yes we can provide installation and training service. And we will provide English version operation and maintenance manual with the press. Customer can also send their operators to our factory for training.

  • Q Is factory tour available?

    Yes, welcome to visit our factory. Please contact us for the visiting.

  • Q Is there any customer reference available?

    Yes, please contact our sales team.

  • Q Where can I get the spare parts of the press machines?

    Please contact us to buy the spare parts of our world brand press machines. But we cannot supply the parts for any other brand presses. Please send us the press name plate and the broken parts photos. Then we can check the cost and make an offer. World press produce most of the mechanical parts in world own factories. In this way, quality could be better controlled. And the spare parts will be still available in future 10 or 20 years.
  • Q What to do if I want to buy a punching press?

    Firstly, prepare a technical drawing of the stamping part. Check with the mold design engineer or profression mold supplier. Confirm the budget and stamping process, get idea of suitable press tonnage, table size, stroke length, etc. Then check with World Press sales team to inquire the offer of press machines. We can provide full solution including the stamping dies and automatic coil feeding machines.
  • Q Are you manufacturer of press machines?

    Yes, World is a group company. He has several factories to produce different machines, including press machines, construction machines, and agriculure machines. World has two factories in China to produce press machines, shearing machines, and beding machines. The third factory of press machine is set in Thailand in 2023. Shanghai exporting office is in charge of the overseas business of all world brand machines. One world, one dream.
  • Q Is the roll feeder control system programmable for feeding pitch, step, and speed?

    Yes, operator can set these items through the touch screen.
  • Q Can you provide commissioning service?

    Yes, we can.
  • Q Can you provide operation manual?

    Yes, we have manuals in English.
  • Q What is your best lead time?

    We have some stocks of standard machines. Customized order could be within 30 days for NCF servo feeder, decoiler and straightener. Maximum 2 months for compact type 3 in 1 feeder.
  • Q I am in Europe. Can you export your roll feeder to European markets?

    Yes, we can. All our machines have CE certificate for exporting to EU market.
  • Q Is there any warranty?

    Yes, we provide one year warranty and full life service.
  • Q Is the language version English on the control panel and HMI?

    Yes, it is English and Chinese.
  • Q Is the input power 3-phase or 2-phase?

    Electric power is 3-phase, power voltage 380V50Hz. It can be customized.
  • Q Is the feeding direction left to right? Can it be customized?

    Yes, the feeding direction could be left to right or right to left. Please confirm the direction when you place the order.
  • Q Can you also supply uncoiling and straightening machine?

    Yes, we can supply all types of coil-feeding machines, including uncoiling machine, straightening machine, and feeding machine. We also supply the stamping press.
  • Q What is the roll feeder release type?

    Standard pneumatic release. Mechanical release is optional.
  • Q What shall I check if I want to buy a coil feeding line?

    Please advise the coil material type, maximum thickness, width, coil inner diameter and outer diameter.

Power Press Machine Services

Working together for customer success. Since the foundation of the company, one of the foundation principles has been to work closely with our customers. This provides the opportunity to continually assess and improve the levels of service we offer and to create the most innovative products available. Through this partnership of shared experience and ideas, we are confident that we can realize your current and future requirements.

  • We can provide installation service for all the sold-out machines at customer factory. Small machines can be shipped assembled and some big machines must be shipped disassembled. That is why we provide installation service to our customer.

    Installation Service Details:

    1. Assembling big press at customer factory. Customer must have crane and lifting facility.
    2. Installation and adjusting of new machines
    3. Operation and maintenance training

    Installation service cost:

    -air tickets
    -all accommodations as food and hotel at customer side
    -picking up service from airport to hotel and hotel to factory
    -salary is USD80 per day per engineer

    Installation engineers’ team:

    -mechanical engineer 1-2 persons
    -electric engineer 1 person        

  • 1. We provide one year warranty for all the products that we sell. No matter the original World brand machines or trading OEM brand machines.
    2. One year warranty for electric parts of the machines.

    3. Two years warranty for the machine parts that original made by us.

    4. Three years warrant for the power press clutch.

    5. Parts are provided as free within warranty.

    6. Engineers available if big problem and cost bore by seller.

  • If you have some used metal forming machines need to be repaired, we can provide the repairing service. We can send engineer there and provide the repairing spare parts.

    Our advantage is that we produce most of the parts in our own factory and we have the original design. That is why we can supply the right spare parts no matter how long time passed.

    Cost details:

    -transportation to customer address
    -engineers' salary
    -hotel and food
    -cost of spare parts
    We have an experienced R&D department and a sales technology support team. We can provide the technology support service as technology communication, training, customized designing, production line designing and so on. Just a call or an email, we will give you a good solution.

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