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How to maintain bending machine

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Now we have entered the era of rapid industrialization. We need not only to use the original bending machine, but also to update the whole system with advanced technology in order to make good progress in the development of modernization. Taking the bender as an example, we also need to widely use hydraulic bending machine as a high-tech product. We should constantly improve the original industrial technology and take science and technology as the stepping stone of industrial development. In the process of using, the machine will inevitably be damaged. So how do we keep bending?


The points are as follows:

Type of bending machine

Bender safe operation process

How to maintain the bending machine



Type of bending machine

Because of our research on the bending machine, there are still some technical differences in the machine we are using now. These differences are also a classification principle of machine. There are two main classification principles for distinguishing the specific classification of science. One is the edge machine, the other is the hydraulic pipe machine.


(1) Flanging Machine

This machine is basically used for some simple folding of materials. Because we often use industrial building tools, this type of bending machine equipment is a relatively primitive type. The structure is also a general bending mechanism, because of its wide range of use, there is no big change in technology, but in some areas of application differences, make some details of its folding machine will be different, but it is also a folding machine. It belongs to a very common bender, and we use machine frequency, than some more advanced bender technology.


(2) Hydraulic pipe machine

This kind of machine belongs to the product with high technological level of machine. The use of this machine is also very rare, basically in the field of science and technology, but still very little in our lives. Because of these factors, people's understanding of hydraulic bending machine equipment is very shallow. Whether we are due to the frequency of use or the degree of understanding, the emergence of hydraulic pipe machine or we need to attach great importance to it.


Bender safe operation process

With the wider application of this machine, more and more people begin to contact this machine. What is the safe operation process of bending machine?


1. Clean and wipe the upper and lower dies before starting the machine.


2. Check whether there are foreign bodies on the bracket, bracket and slider. If there are foreign bodies, they should be cleaned up.


3. When bending narrow metal plate, the working pressure of the system should be reduced appropriately to avoid damaging the die.


4. Before bending, the clearance between upper and lower dies should be adjusted evenly.


5. Check the oil level of the tank, start the oil pump, check the hydraulic pipeline and the oil pump is abnormal.


6. After the operation is completed, the oil pump should be shut down and the power supply should be cut off.


How to maintain the bending machine

The daily maintenance of pipe bender is as follows:


1. Hydraulic oil circuit

① Check the oil level of the tank every week. If the oil level is lower than the oil window, it should be filled with hydraulic oil.

② The oil should be replaced after 2000 hours of work for the new machine. After 4000-6000 hours of work, the oil should be replaced every time and the oil tank should be cleaned.

③The oil temperature of the system should be controlled within a certain temperature range. Excessive high temperature will lead to deterioration and damage of oil products and accessories.


2. Filtration

① The filter should be completely replaced or cleaned every time the oil is changed.

② If there is any abnormal alarm or other filters (such as dirty oil), the machine tool should be replaced.

③ Air filters on fuel tanks should be cleaned or replaced regularly.


3. Hydraulic components

①Clean hydraulic components monthly to prevent dust from entering the system, and do not use detergents;

②After a month of using the new machine, check whether the bending of each pipe is deformed. If there are any abnormalities, they should be replaced. After two months of use, tighten the connection of all accessories. During this work, the machine should be shut down and the system should be pressure-free.



Whether it is folding machine or hydraulic bending machine, it is an indispensable technical tool in our industry. Because we have a great demand for the current development, so many products are constantly updated, bender is only a small part of our update process. We need to constantly renew and become part of our lives. If you have any other questions about the cutting machinepress brake, please consult us in time.



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