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The principle for the punching press machine

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Manufacturers use a variety of machines to manipulate raw materials and process them into finished products, one of which is a punching press machine. This punching press machine can easily cut through hard materials, including metal, leaving products in the same shape as punch molds.


This article will talk about the punching press machine include 4 parts:


What is a punching press machine?

Punching press machine die set

CNC punching press machine

Mechanical punching press machine


1. What is a punching press machine?


A punching press machine is a large machine with a hydraulic plunger at the top. It usually has a workstation in the front where a worker can operate the plunger. As the worker engages the hammer, the workpiece is pressed against the fixed fixing die. This creates a hole in the workpiece and creates a new object on the workpiece that has the same shape as the mold.


Punching press machines are especially suitable for batch production of small items of uniform shape from raw materials. Using a punching press machine is a faster, more efficient solution, even if the worker can punch the workpiece manually.


A punching press machine is usually driven by an electric motor, and the transition from the rotational motion of the driveshaft to the reciprocating motion of the plunger is accomplished by means of a crank, toggle, or CAM mechanism. Since power requirements are intermittent, the flywheel is connected to the driveshaft to store energy during idling between the hammer stroke and to transfer energy to the shaft during the punching press machine operation, reducing the capacity required to drive the motor.


2. Punching press machine die set


The punching press machine has two components that act together: the punch, which is mounted on the reciprocating pressure head of the machine; the die is fixed on a platform or anvil and its plane is perpendicular to the path of the punch. In operation, the punch is pushed against the workpiece in the die. Blanking dies to cut a piece of metal into a blank which will be suitable for the die for subsequent punch operation. These methods include shaping or bending and stretching, in which cup-shaped products are produced by a process that produces a certain plastic flow of the metal.


The punching press machines rely heavily on molds to perform their desired stamping operations. In the mold, there are male and female molds. One of these molds is placed above the workpiece and the other mold is placed below the workpiece. Hydraulic raw material creates holes in the workpiece by driving the punch through the die.


3. CNC punching press machine


Some manufacturers use manual punching press machines, while many use computerized numerical control (CNC) punching press machines. CNC controlled punching press machines use the same hydraulic plunger to punch the preformed holes into the workpiece. The difference, however, is that CNC machines are semi-automated using computers.


As with other CNC controlled machines, CNC controlled punching press machines allow manufacturers to simplify their production operations. Manufacturers can program it to run automatically instead of manually operating the punch. CNC controlled punching press machines still require human intervention, but they can automate many tasks that would otherwise require human intervention.


4. Mechanical punching press machine


There are two types of mechanical punching press machines: full rotation and partial rotation. The full rotary punch achieves the same name by requiring a full cycle of the crankshaft, while the partial rotary punch requires only a partial cycle of the crankshaft.


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