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JH25 Double Crank Gap Frame Power Press

Gap frame double crank automatic press is suitable for big sheet parts stamping and progressive die stamping. JH25 series gap presses have capacity range from 110ton to 315ton. Six faces rectangular type slide guides, big torque wet type pneumatic clutch. C frame steel plate welded body, two crankshafts reverse rotated to eliminate each lateral force. Transmission gears are oil bath in the gear house. Automatic accessories such as decoiler, straightener, roller feeder and manipulators are optional.
  • JH25

wide table for progressive die

Wide table suitable for progressive die and muti-station die stamping

Wider bolster and slide plate than single crank press, suitable for big size tools. C type body, open back, easier for side coil sheet feeding or front to back sheet feeding. Two tonnage center points, bigger power at ram sides. Bolster surface grinding, higher flatness.Customized scrap dropping holes in bolster. Bolster and slide plate sizes are customizable. Standard T slots in bolster and slide plate.

Reverse rotated double crankshaft of the gap frame press machine

Double crankshaft, 42CrMo forged and rolling treatment for more smooth surface. Reverse rotated to eliminate the lateral force. Copper conrod bush, high quality front and rear shaft bushes, all grease lubricated. Ball screw nitrogen treatment with high hardness. Proper two transmission gears timing.

press wet clutch with solenoid valve

Big torque wet type pneumatic clutch with solenoid valve

Self-produced high quality wet type combine clutch and brake, reliable and easier maintenance. Toyooki/Taco/Ross brand dual-safety solenoid valve controls the clutch and brake working properly. Air pressure meter of clutch with safety air pressure switch ensures properly and safety opertation of the crank punching press. Safety clutch cover is also standard equipped.

press HMI

Friendly easy operation HMI for automatic press machine

LCD touch screen with setting and monitor functions. Operator can set the lubrication frequency and time, the cam angles, the cam controller type through the screen. Crankshaft angle indicator light, lubrication and overload alarm lights are easier for operator to check the press working status. Emergency stop button, working mode selecting swithes, overload reset switch are located on the panel. Counter and pre-set counter is convenient to arrange the production plan.

Automatic powe press central control system

Both mechanical and electric cam controllers. Cam controllers are selectable by the touch screen. Auxilliay user cam controllers are available. High quality encoder with famous brand PLC (Omron, Panansonic, Schneider).

gap frame double crank press dimensions

ITEM CODE UNIT JH25-110 JH25-160 JH25-200 JH25-250 JH25-315
Nominal Capacity Pe KN 1100 1600 2000 2500 3150
Stroke Length S mm 180 200 250 280 280
Stroke Speed Fixed
spm 50 45 35 30 30
spm 35-55 35-55 25-40 20-35 20-35
Max. Die Shut Height H2 mm 400 450 500 550 550
Die Shut Height Adjustment t mm 90 100 110 120 120
Throat Depth G mm 350 390 430 470 480
Distance Between Uprights N mm 1470 1600 1920 2190 2170
Table Size F-B D mm 680 760 840 920 940
L-R C mm 1880 2040 2420 2700 2800
Thickness H3 mm 155 165 170 180 190
Slide Bottom Size F-B b mm 520 580 650 700 700
L-R a mm 1400 1500 1850 2100 2100
Table Surface Height H1 mm 900 900 1000 1100 1090
Overall Dimensions F-B A mm 1820 2080 2370 2700 2730
L-R B mm 1970 2150 2550 2850 2840
Height H mm 3200 3380 3820 4180 4180
Motor Power
KW 11 18.5 22 30 37
kg 14000 19000 26500 35000 36000

1. Light curtain for safety: the press will stop immediately if operator put his hand inside the tool working area.

2. Motor frequency drive (inverter) for adjusting the press working speeds.

3. Die cushion: piston type or bellow type

4. Hydraulic die clamps and die lifters

5. Press tonnage monitor

6. servo coil NC feeder

7. Die safety block

8. Press transfer bars


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