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What are the benefits of having a hydraulic guillotine

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Hydraulic crusher, also known as hydraulic cutting machine, is a kind of hydraulic press which uses hydraulic drive to carry out relevant operation. Simple and convenient operation, fast cutting speed and high processing efficiency. The hydraulic system of the hydraulic press consists of motor, oil pump, solenoid valve, oil filter, water-oil heat exchanger, etc. It is the power source of shearing drum and cylinder. Compared with traditional hydraulic machine, hydraulic cutting machine has incomparable technical advantages and higher economic benefits. Next, we briefly introduce the advantages and basic working principle of using hydraulic guillotine.


The points are as follows:

  • How does this type of hydraulic machine work

  • Benefits of using a hydraulic guillotine

  • Type of hydraulic guillotine

  • Summary


How does this type of hydraulic machine work

Hydraulic hammer is a hydropress which is widely used at present. How does it carry out relevant work?


1) No-load start up

When the pump starts, the solenoid valve is located in the middle, and the outlet of the pump is connected with the accumulator through a one-way valve. When the system pressure is higher than the set pressure of the safety valve, the hydraulic oil returns to the tank through the safety valve, and the pump unloads.


(2) Clamping

When the cycle button is pressed to start, the electromagnet IYA is connected to the power supply, the hydraulic cylinder is clamped, and the piston rod is extended to tighten the work piece. When the pressure of the system is higher than the regulating pressure of the safety valve, the safety valve is used to clamp the hydraulic cylinder to maintain the pressure.


(3) Shear

When the relief valve is working, the solenoid 3YA is energized, which ensures that the scissors rack starts to drop only when there is enough pressure.


4) Regression

When the tool holder drops to the end point, the stroke switch turns off 3YA and 1YA of the electromagnet, turns on 2YA and 4YA of the electromagnet, returns the cylinder to its original position, resets the stroke switch, cuts off the electromagnet, restores the oil circuit to the state before starting, and unloads the oil pump.

In this way, the hydraulic guillotine can complete the related work. However, not all  hydropress work like this.


Benefits of using a hydraulic guillotine

Although hydraulic cutter appears later than mechanical cutter, it has incomparable technical advantages and high economic benefits, and is a great progress in the field of hydraulic press. Its technical advantages are reflected in the following aspects:


(1) It has high performance because it can use high hydraulic pressure, so the hydraulic machine can be sheared under high impact force.


(2) Low working noise, get rid of mechanical transmission such as gears, and directly realize linear motion by the cylinder. It has simple structure and low noise.


(3) It has good adaptability and can realize multi-purpose of one machine. Different working heads can be used for various processing, such as elbows, piercing, etc.


(4) Good working reliability, eliminating all kinds of clutch devices, clutch unreliable can not be connected, easy to achieve automation.


Type of hydraulic guillotine

The existing hydraulic crushing table mainly includes hydraulic steel bar cutter and hydraulic angle steel cutter.


Hydraulic steel bar cutter

(1) Laser processing is flexible and can handle arbitrary graphics.


(2) The cutting speed is fast .


(3)Good cutting quality: non-contact cutting, little heat effect on cutting edge, no thermal deformation of work piece, completely avoiding the collapse caused by material stamping and shearing, cutting seam generally does not need secondary processing .


2. Hydraulic Angle Steel Tools

(1) Hydraulic angle steel cutting machine is made of high strength alloy tool steel by precision casting with good quality.


(3) Smooth fracture, neat without burrs, high power, angle-cutting steel only takes a few seconds .


(3) Hydraulic angle steel knife is mainly used for the cut-off of the construction site of iron tower factory building and power transmission and distribution project.



Hydraulic press control mode is mainly hydraulic transmission control. Hydraulic pressure is used to complete the energy transfer process, which is a commonly used control mode in industry. Because of the flexibility and convenience of hydraulic machine control, it is widely used in industrial production. If you want to know more about hydraulic crushers and other crank press, gear press, please consult us in time.


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