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Forging Press

Mechanical press and hydraulic press are both suitable for forging process. The forging press is widely used for bolts and nuts production, brass valves production, bearing rings production, universal joints production and flange parts production. Knuckle joint press is most suitable for cold forging for precision parts.

Forging process has many advantages than normal casting. The parts mechanical properties are improved. Parts surface quality is improved. Production efficiency is higher. Forming is substantially independent of the external shape of the parts. Few burrs. After forging process, the internal grain of the metal is enhanced, and the corrosion resistance of the part is improved. Hot forging needs to hot the metal material while cold forging no need.

For your forging process, World brand crank press J23/J21/JH21/JW31, eccentric gear press JS31, knuckle joint press JA89 and hydraulic press YW32 are available due to the parts request.


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